"You will get my exact systems that allow me to get Cash Like Clock-work"

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you will make
substantial income
. Numbers are removed for law compliance...

"Secret Weapon"
Marlon Sanders is my secret weapon! I turn to him whenever I need help.
- Jonathan Mizel

"Sold $2,631"
"I spent 15 minutes using your formula... My partner thought I'd worked on the salesletter at least 2 days. THANK YOU!"
- Scott Covert

"Extra $xxxx a month with 1 idea"
Using 4 sentences I got from Marlon's course, I'm making an extra $XXXXX.00 a month. Even if you sell igloos to Eskimos, The Amazing Formula will give you great strategies. My highest 5-star recommendation.
- Joe Schroeder

"You couldn't pay me 10X to give it back!"
... It is undoubtedly the most practical, actionable and surefire system that I have ever seen. As for the triple your money back guarantee - you know where you can stick that. You couldn't pay me 10 times to give it back!
- Paul M.

"I rate marketing experts and ..."
As someone who rates and ranks marketing experts, Marlon Sanders is by far and away not only the best marketer I have ever met but also a true "Class Act." Something that is rare in Internet marketing...
- Matt G.

"Sold over $xxxxxxx"
The first time I put your formula into action, I sold over $xxxxxx of products in one year...part time. I thought I could improve on your formula, and my next sales letter bombed.
So I reread your formula, applied it to my latest sales letter, and the results are fantastic. We moved $xxxxx of product in the first day of our mailing. Just goes to show that when you have a tested, proven sales process, stick with it. Thanks for showing me the quickest way to marketing profits.
- Peace, Declan Dunn


From: Marlon Sanders

Dear Friend,

Freedom and control.

That's what you want. That's what this letter is about.


  • The freedom to do what you want when you want.
  • To be with your family or friends.
  • To engage in the activities you enjoy and love.
  • To have control over your life. Instead of being a victim under someone else's thumb. Where someone else has control over when you get a raise, if you get a raise, when you get a vacation, if you get a vacation and so forth.
  • To experience thrill, challenge and excitement.
  • To see how good you can be, how far you can go.

And most importantly, to PROVE all those wackos who said you couldn't do it wrong!

When it's rush hour traffic, you can avoid all that stress by doing your thing at home. And unlike all those dot com disasters, you don't have to worry about highly bloated overhead if you do this business the way I do.

You can have the time to be with your kids. Or go to the gym when you want. Or sleep late. Or work late. Maybe you want to travel more than the few weeks a year most employers a lot to you.

You can have all that AND the potential to rake in much better money than you would like get at a job.

In a nutshell, here is what you'll read about in this letter:

The Promise: You WILL get my exact systems that enable me to sell thousands of products from the comfort and convenience of my home. My overhead is low. I sleep as late as I want. Avoid rush hour traffic. And have control over my life, my schedule and my lifestyle. Not to mention the thrill and challenge involved. Every day brings excitement and adventure.

The Uniqueness: You get every digital course that you "must have". That means instant access on this computer or any other computer, to the products that can start making you money TODAY.

The Proof: You get systems backed by my life in marketing. Plus, you get actual bank deposits that back up what I say.

The Guarantee: You WILL make 10 ten times your money back or you don't owe me a dime. I can't guarantee you'll make money but I can guarantee your money back.

The Bonuses: Act now and you grab every single bonus from the money making, instant access, digital products and systems that come with the Cash Like Clockwork System.

(Amounts shown do not represent what you may or may not be able to do because your results can and will vary.)

Would you (potentially) like to have income similar to this each month?

The money is good. But the REAL benefit is the freedom you enjoy and the control over all aspects of your lifestyle.

I got started back in 1980.

My first attempts failed miserably. It took me 7 tries over a period of years before I got the formula right. Now, I have made almost as much money in a single day as I once made in an entire year!

I routinely sell $30,000, $40,000, $50,000 and more per month. Here's a picture of a couple days worth of transactions in PayPal. I do process through other vendors as well, but these images only show PayPal.
Month 1 Month 2

Keep in mind I do this FROM HOME. And I do it WITHOUT spamming. Having said that, remember that my results are exceptional and not indicative of average results. The results you get can and will vary, including the possibility of not making money. Any figures you see in this letter are not indicative of what average buyers of the System do nor are they a promise of income.

Keep in mind I do this FROM HOME. And I do it WITHOUT spamming.

It's about the freedom. The control over your lifestyle. See, the reason I'm self employed is I'm NOT employable by others. At least, not now that I'm spoiled.

1. I wake up late.

2. Some days I don't work at all

3. I take more than my fair share of vacations. Sometimes exotic ones.

4. I only work if and when I feel like it

5. When I'm in the mood to work, I put in long hours. But only when I'm in the mood.

Here's my story of how I discovered the secret of making cash like clockwork

Maybe it's boring to some people. But not to me. Because it's my story. And when you get your first big hit, it'll be the same for you.

Back then, I ate corn dogs, 50 cent burritos and the $2.00 burger fries combo at a drive through. I had no girlfriend because I couldn't afford dates.

Today, I eat where I want. Drive a car I paid cash for. And thank God I have a beautiful, loving girlfriend.

I remember when I was so angry at people who charged $100 for products, not to mention $1,000. Because I just couldn't see how I could scrape together that much money.

I'll never forget the feeling the first time the money poured in. I mean, really poured in. I paid off some credit card debt that at the time seemed like a million dollars to me. When I wrote out the checks, addressed the envelopes, put them stamps on and dropped them in a mailbox, it was like a huge black cloud over me was lifted.

Thank God it finally all paid off.

I remember I had $5,000 on my credit card. And it seemed like all the money in the world to me. I paid the thing off in a week or two.


It was like I was a new man.

I'd sit in the coffee shop and watch people stuck in traffic going to work. That still makes me happy to this day. I get a kick out of it. - Cause it all finally paid off for me. There were times when I doubted it would. Times when family and friends thought I was crazy.

So if you've spent more than your fair share of money on books, courses and programs. And you've got some of them sitting on the shelf gathering dust, don't feel bad. Matter of fact, I've got a whole stack of old ones still in my garage.

They bring back good memories in a way, so I don't get rid of them.

Here's a graph my CPA prepared of the time when my income took off.

Remember that my results are exceptional and not indicative of average results. Your results will vary.

I had my serious doubts if it ever would. All the books I had read. The courses I had taken. But when all the money rolled in, none of that mattered anymore. I knew I would never be broke again.

When I got started with my system back in 1980, I guess I screwed up on everything a person could screw up on. And while I may not be the brightest light on the block, the one thing I have is persistence.

I had to do this business because it was in my blood. And I just couldn't get it out. I HAD to figure it out.

Now, in retrospect, it all seems easy. But at the time it seemed like the un-solvable puzzle. I've solved that mystery and put my secrets in a system I like to call Cash-Like- Clockwork because when you get it rolling, that's what happens. Cash comes in day and night, every day and night -- like clockwork.

If you hang with me and keep reading this letter, I'll share with you how you can get your own chunk of a piece of paradise that is called the Direct Marketing Business.

I learned this stuff the hard way.

Do you want to take the hard
route or the easy one?

You can do that if you want. Read several thousand books. Waste time creating your own formulas. Figure it all out yourself. And it would STILL all be worth it. Because ten years from now, you'll have an incredible life.

But my mission, the reason I believe God put me here, my purpose in life is to save you ten years of your life. To lay out for you the system I discovered, so you can just take that. And use that. Instead of doing it all on your own.

Once you get it, really get it, then you'll likely be in this business the rest of your life. It's a great business to be in. Some of my friends sell as much as 7 million dollars a year. Of course, they have a lot more overhead than I do. My dad had his own business repairing TV's. He taught me to keep my overhead low.

How big you grow is up to you. Maybe you'll be like my friends who have dozens of employees. And are true big shots. Or maybe you'll be a one-person band and run the show yourself. That's up to you.

What's stopping you from getting your money?

You've seen the ads.

You've read the success stories. You know people make money in this business. But where's your pie? Where's your paradise? Where's your piece of the action?

How to overcome the stops
that are holding you back

To find that answer, you've first got to overcome what I call your STOPS. The things that stop you.

The first thing that's stopping you is ...

The belief that you don't have what it takes to make it on your own.

We've all heard the stats about how 80% of businesses fail after 5 years. Well, guess what? Turns out those stats are a bunch of crap.

According to a 1999 report by the U.S. Small Business Administration, 75.5% of all small businesses SURVIVED from 1992 to 1996. In other words, the failure rate was only 25%.

Being overwhelmed by all the contradictory information

There are so many "gurus" telling you to do this or that, it can be quite confusing. Who do you believe? What do you do?

Many of my best friends are "gurus." They all have very valuable advice and information. But I've found you don't need 100 things to do to succeed. You need one track to run on. You need one system A to Z that has been proven to work.

I don't want to sound like I'm tooting my own horn too much here. But that is what I have put together for you. More about that later.

Being intimidated by technology

Man, I'll never forget the first time I heard someone say they were going to "register a domain name." It sounded like Greek to me. You're going to do what where? My eyes glazed over. I just couldn't understand it.

So if you're a tad intimidated by all this Internet stuff, it's certainly understandable. It is a LOT to learn. But how do you eat an elephant? A bite at a time, right?

That's what I do with newbies. I give them a bite at a time. And build one step upon another. The only way to learn is to dive in and get started.

Being overwhelmed and procrastinating will NEVER get you the lifestyle you want. It'll never get you out of the rush hour traffic.

If you're new to using computers, go down to your local computer store or college and sign up for some classes. This is the easy way. Or you can do what I did: Buy computer "how to" books with lots of pictures and go through them. Either way works.

Being scared of failing

No one likes to fail. To have friends say, "I told you so." I read a book once called Wake Up And Live that gave this advice: Act like it's impossible to fail.

In the early days when I was often scared of failing, I remembered that phrase and it did me a great deal of good. You won't ever get rid of your fear. But you can act in spite of your fear.

The easiest way to overcome fear is to replace it with a stronger positive emotion. That's why acting like it's impossible to fail works.

Being stopped by the paralysis of analysis

You're hit with it every day. Make millions. Get rich. Blah. Blah. Blah. The barrage of messages has made you skeptical to believe anyone or anything. But come one. Don't throw the baby out with the bath water.

You know what I'm saying. Of course you're skeptical. That's healthy. To a point. But when it holds you back from taking action and doing anything, it becomes counter-productive. Embrace healthy skepticism. But don't let it stop you.

More money is loss from the paralysis of analysis than through getting ripped off. Yes, I've bought my share of crappy products. But the good ones I've bought have made up for the bad ones a thousand times over.

You can analyze stuff to death. At some point, you've got to make a decision and take action. It's a fact that successful people are decisive. If you've studied psychology much, you know that's true.

Being so independent you refuse to learn from anyone

Independence is a good thing. And it's a great reason to have your own home based business. And like anything else, you can overdo it. Give it up and learn from a mentor. It'll save you a lot of grief, mistakes and time.

In Texas where I'm from, they'd say "don't cut your nose off to spite your face."

Being unwilling to take a justified risk

I hate taking risks.

But sometimes you have to step out of the boat and see if you can walk on water. Unjustified risks are dumb. But playing it "safe" all the time via following conventional wisdom is often a greater risk.

Here's an example:

For me it was a job I just couldn't let go of. I thought the $35,000 a year salary was something too good to leave. That was a long time ago, mind you.

Anyway, the job caused me so much stress, I got sick. And I just kept getting nagging colds. One day I got asthma. I still have it as a reminder of what happens when you stay on a path too long that is not meant for you.

There IS a price to pay for not having your freedom. That price can be financial. It can be a health issue caused by stress. It can be family or friends issues.

Life has its own not-so-subtle way of nudging you and saying, "Hey, dummy. Over here. This is where you're supposed to be. Wake up! Listen to me."

Investigating business opportunities forever and never deciding on one for fear of making a mistake

Sound familiar? You ever know anyone who does this? They join this MLM. Or investigate XYZ business opportunity. But they never really decide to do it for real. Oh, maybe they stick their big toe in the water.

But they never get committed to it.

Why? I believe it's the fear of making a mistake. We all have those fears. They don't go away. They're a good thing in that they make us pay attention and do our homework. But when they result in the paralysis of analysis, they become counter-productive. They hold you back. We all have our demons to slay. Our inner fears of being inadequate. Or getting in over our heads. Or not being able to cope.

The best thing you can do to overcome these fears is to start slow. Keep your day job or work a part time job for income.

Do not quit your job or eliminate your income until you're generating enough income by selling products and services that you can truly afford to.

You'll know when that time comes.

I recommend reading Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill and Awaken the Giant Within by Anthony Robbins if you're struggling with fears.

Feeling that you're not smart enough or talented enough:

What I've found out is that the most successful people are doers more than they are thinkers. They aren't more intelligent than others. They just do more.

That doesn't mean you have to work 18 hour days.

It does mean that when you tap into your passion or something that really excites you, you WILL be good at it. You can't help it.

I'm not a born marketer, although I have friends who are close to it. I got good at marketing and writing by doing it. By loving it. By following my passion.

The most important advice I ever give anyone is follow your passions. That sounds trite, dumb and stupid, but it's true.

You may think it's all about the money. And only the money is important. But what research on successful individuals reveals is that money follows passion.

Searching for the one course that will teach you everything you need to know.

Guess what? Even though I've tried very hard to create the ultimate course, there is no one "everything-you-need-to-know" course or program.

Realize this: From now on, your lifeline is learning. Leaders are learners. That's a fact. You're going to want to learn all you can from others because it's much cheaper to buy other people's experiences than to acquire your own.

Trial-and-error learning works but it's also the most expensive form of learning. Courses and programs are all a massive bargain compared to the cost of making mistakes in the real world.

Believing that your success hinges on finding that one killer product to promote.

Some people spend their whole lives searching for that one product that will carry them to fame and fortune. And they never find it.

Products are essential. But marketing rules the world.

Learn marketing and the rest will come. Quite searching for the revolutionary product that will change the world. And start selling a product people want to buy now. Fortunes are made in boring products.

People think that the reason they aren't making more money in their business is their product. And if they could just find that one magical product, they'll find their pot of gold. The truth is that marketing is the pot of gold. You need quality products. But not something that is going to "change the world." Leave that to the Fortune 500 companies.

Six Steps to Making
and discovering an
amazing new lifestyle

We're going to talk about making sales and generating cash. I realize that you may not be comfortable with the idea of running a business. You may see yourself as an independent professional and not as a business owner.

That's OK.

Yet, to pay the bills, you also realize you've got to offer a product or service in exchange for money. That exchange IS the act of selling and operating a business. At the same time, realize that you don't have to sound like the stereotypical used car sales person to make sales.

The essence of selling is explaining the value you offer to another person. There's absolutely nothing about that which requires hype or unsubstantiated claims.

So, even if you don't see yourself that way, you ARE a business person and a business owner if you sell a product or service to others. Having gotten that out of the way, let's talk about the basics of how you make the money you need without sacrificing quality of life, freedom or becoming a slave to your business.

You have to have someone to sell to - a target market.

In marketing they call it a target market. I'm fond of calling it the pond you fish in. If you've read The Amazing Formula, you are familiar with that terminology. You can't fish (sell products) unless you have a pond to fish in -- a place where the fish are.

That's one of the things you've got to have down pat. How to find a pond to fish in. How to locate a group of people you can sell to. The problem with trying to sell to the whole world is you can't afford it. Out of the sea of people in the world, you find a small group you want to sell to.

And you target those people.

There are a lot of ways to screw up on this. And a few ways to easily and simply do it. This won't be a problem for you once you understand the shortcuts.

Here are examples of friends who have done it correctly:

* One of my friends sells a yearly subscription to a private site that shows you how to get listed at the top of the search engines. He runs this highly profitable business from the big island in Hawaii. His target market? Webmasters.

* A client I used to do a lot of writing for sells millions of dollars of marketing training to dentists each year. Dentists are a great target market because they spend more money on education than any other profession.

* Pick up any trade magazine for any occupation. In the magazine, you'll see tons of businesses making a living by selling products and services to that niche market. Those businesses have zeroed in on niches that are bringing home the bacon for them.

You've got to sell people what they want to buy.

I often tell the story of how I talked to a guy once who told me the secret of selling. He said, Marlon, I used to have trouble selling. But then one day I discovered the secret -- whatever people are buying, I'm selling. And since I discovered that secret, selling is easy for me.

What do people value? What are they willing to pay money for? You find that out by doing market research and surveys.

See, when I started out, I thought you just found a product and started selling it to anyone who would listen. I didn't know you had to FIRST find out WHAT people will buy. Then sell it to them.

People get locked into products. They invest all their time, money and energy creating or buying inventory of a product no one wants to buy.

Costly mistake.

First you verify the demand. I developed a simple survey system to do this for me. To make sure I don't screw it up. This is something even pros don't do. Yet, it's simple and really works.

You've got to have a product to sell. But not just any product.

There are so many scams concerning products to sell that it's truly crazy.

A million people have tested, proven businesses, products, reprint rights, turnkey businesses and so forth they will sell to you for a grand to ten grand.

No problem IF they have an advertising and promotion system that really works. If they have a business that is really viable.

Half the time (or more like 80%) -- they don't.

Once you understand the Cash-Like-Clockwork system, you can put together your own turnkey business and sell it to others. And a legitimate one that really makes money.

The problem with a lot of these is that the products are worn out by the time they sell you the reprint rights, distributorship -- or whatever.

What some people do is sell the product or service until the life cycle of that product in terms of profitability is pretty much on its last leg. Then they sell licenses, reprint rights or distributorships to others.

In other cases, you're selling a product or service that never sold to begin with.

Some of these business opportunities are legitimate. But more often than not, in my own humble opinion, you would be tons better off, and save yourself a lot of money, if you simply learn marketing and running a business on your own.

Why? Because products are a dime a dozen.

In spite of what some people may tell you, there is no lack of products in the world.

There's no shortage of vitamins.

No shortage of mlm plans.

No shortage of ebooks.

No shortage of courses.

No shortage of just about anything.

There are giant directories that give you thousands or tens of thousands of products you can buy wholesale and resale.


My contention is that if you want one of those, you better learn to do it yourself. Because if someone has one that really rolls in the cash, they probably aren't selling it to you.

You've got to have a sales presentation that rocks.

Whether you're selling over the phone, in person, via direct mail or on a web site, you need a sales presentation that rocks.

After years of trial and error, I stumbled across a formula that works like dynamite. You just follow it step-by-step. It's all based on psychology.

Really, it's pretty simple once you understand it. But deceptively so. This took me ten years to figure out from scratch.

The books I read on copy left out all these steps. They gave old, worn-out formulas like AIDA -- attention, interest, desire, action. That formula is miles away from what I stumbled across. Yes, you have to aida. But how? That's the puzzle you have to solve.

How do you get attention? How do you get interest? How specifically do you create desire? How do you get people to act?

These are the questions I grappled with for years. I learned it all by trial-and-error. It took me 12 years to learn how to write decent ad copy that got people to guy. I can boil down your learning curve to a fraction of that.

You've got to take people's money if they are will in buy from you.

One of my pet peeves is going to a web site where the company is selling a product but there's no way to buy it without calling a voice mail, leaving a message and waiting a day or two for a call back.


I hate that.

Plain and simple. You can screw up on a lot of things. But for Pete's sake, make it easy for people to give you their money! How many times have you been in a store, been in a hurry to buy something, and you literally couldn't find anyone who would take your money from you, so you could get the heck out of there?

Taking money from people is not a bad thing. It's a GOOD thing if they want the product. They have places to go, people to see, things to do. Do yourself and them a favor and make it easy from them to buy your product.

Well, needless to say, this process of taking money is an integral part of the Cash-Like-Clockwork system. That's not a problem when you plug into the right resources.

You've got to get your message out to as many people as you can.

You can have the greatest product in the world.

But if no one knows about it, you're basically screwed. Or broke. Or both.

My problem when I started in this business was I didn't have a big bankroll. I wasn't flush with money. I had to find ways to sell my products without spending money I didn't have to begin with.

The best way to promote your products is to pay for sales only after you make them. That way, you don't lose money on advertising that doesn't make sales.

I'm a big believer in this. When you're starting out without much money, don't pay upfront for sales. Pay only after you make the sale.

My "quick-and-dirty" version of Cash-Like-Clockwork was called The Amazing Formula That Sells Products Like Crazy. If it were sold in bookstores, it'd be a best seller according to my sales figures. In the 3 years since I wrote that product, I've had the opportunity to speak and write in great depth on all the faucets of that formula.

I've answered tons of questions. Honed and refined different parts of the formula.

You can get it in your hands on a powerful 8 CD set with a very thorough quick-start manual.

It is called . . . the Cash Like Clockwork system that makes your web site spit out cash and leads on demand -- like clockwork.

It's quite an amazing system.

You've never seen anything like it before because it's my own proprietary product. No one else has it.

Is The Cash-Like-Clockwork
Lifestyle For You?

* Are you tired of being under someone else's thumb? Or having others look down on you because they have a higher position in the company than you? The Cash-Like-Clockwork lifestyle means you can kiss those idiots goodbye once and for all.

* Do you like to stay up late or sleep in? Hey, it's no problem. You can set your own schedule and do you own thing.

* Do you like to go the gym when it isn't swamped with people in the 5 o'clock rush? No problem. Go in the off hours and reduce your stress.

* Have you had it with driving in bumper-to-bumper traffic? No problem. In the Cash-Like-Clockwork lifestyle, you avoid all that stress.

* Do you enjoy a challenge? Now, you can participate in the ultimate challenge building a profitable business. Prove to yourself and others you CAN do it!

* Do you want more out of life?

* Are you yearning to spend more time with family, friends or doing hobbies?

* Do you want the potential to make more money than you can in your job?

Here are the answers to
a few common questions

"Marlon, will your All Digital Cash Like Clockwork System work for MY business? It's different."

That's the most common question we get asked. And the answer is YES! Here's why.

All businesses at heart consist of only 3 procedures.

Getting traffic TO the web site

Generating a LEAD or making a SALE while people are at the web site.

Obtaining repeat and referral business

That is what the Cash-Like-Clockwork System does for your business. So as long as you agree that what's important to you is getting people to your web site, generating leads or making sales and then getting repeat and referral business, then the system will work great for you.

"Marlon, I don't have a product. Will your course help me find one?"

Yes, we cover finding and creating products in detail.

"Marlon, I want to sell a product, not a service. Will your system work for me?"

Yes, it applies to both products and services.

"Marlon, I've already bought a bunch of stuff on making money from web sites and all that. Is yours really any different?"

Yes it is.

Here's why: I've bought all the stuff out there. All the e-books, all the courses. Most of the authors are people I know and in many cases my personal friends. There's just about nothing I haven't seen.

Last year I spent over $10,000 on books and courses to stay current. This year I've spent over $7,000.

I know what's out there.

And I can tell you this. Nothing compares to the Cash-Like-Clockwork System.

3 Reasons the
"Cash Like Clockwork System"
will give you the jump start you want!

1. It is comprehensive and in-depth. This is not a flimsy little e-book. You get a serious, in-depth explanation and breaking apart of the code I unlocked to the Nth degree. I mean, I really break it down step-by-step in detail.

2. It contains hands-on tutorials that actually SHOW YOU how to do stuff. Most everybody else just tells you what to do. Hardly anybody shows you. We actually show you.

3. It's practical. Here's what I mean by that. Other people tell you to do stuff that is theoretical or that they don't do. I give you MY system. What I do. That's very powerful.

I know and fully understand that there are others who teach Internet marketing. Here are some of the key differences I see:

This is not to say that the other teachers of marketing are not competent or even great. There are some really great teachers available. But I do want to point out what I see as the differences.

Don't take my word for it.
Consider these points:

a. You can go to: http://www.alexa.com/siteinfo/marlonsanders.com

You'll see MarlonSanders.com is in the top 20,000 sites in the U.S. and around 60,000 worldwide, according to the Alexa database. And that is only ONE of my dozens of sites.

In other words, I walk the talk.

b. Before teaching Internet marketing, I was a professional copywriter. Others teach you how to write sales letters, but they have never even written one letter for cash for a client. All I know is that what I teach came from the school of hard knocks. And I share from experience.

c. My ad copy section includes audio, video and written materials. It's very thorough.

d. You also get my pushbuttonletters.com software. This is NOT mere templates. It's much more than that. You literally fill in the blanks, click a button and it outputs your sales letter to a page you can polish and then upload to your web site. It's amazing.

I'm always surprised by the number of success stories I get on this software.

e. You get my customer service systems. I have the only product to my knowledge like this. We documented our customer service systems and share them.

f. We give you our publicity information. We cover all the angles.

g. Look at betterwhois.com. I have been doing this longer than just about anyone in the "teaching" business.

h. Look at the top 10 list at associateprograms.com, the definitive site for ranking associate programs.

"Marlon, I'm so confused. You have a program. So-and-so has a program. There are more programs than I can shake a stick at. Whose program is the best? Whose do I buy?"

I'm obviously biased, so I can't give you an objective answer. But I can give you the following guidelines:

Guidelines To Choosing
A System

a. If someone is throwing in free or dirt-cheap coaching with a program, ask yourself, why isn't their time worth more?

I charge $1,000 per hour for consulting. I don't throw it in free. If someone doesn't value their time, how much is it really worth?

b. Beware of buying a bunch of disconnected products that will confuse you.

There are many people with great products and ideas. At the same time, you're better off buying one coherent, complete marketing system and train of thought from one person at the outset. After you get going strong, you can learn other points of view. There are many people with great teachings. No one has a monopoly on good ideas.

But to start with, you don't need information overload. You need a coherent system that will get you started making money.

"Marlon, I don't have a product. Will your system show me how to get a product?"

Yes, I cover acquiring and creating products in considerable depth.

"Marlon, I'm into MLM/network marketing. Will this help me?"

You can never learn too much about marketing nor be too skilled in it. Having said that, you will also want to supplement Cash-Like-Clockwork with training by one or more of the great mlm'ers. Gosh, there are so many. Art Meakin, Joe Shroeder, Dale Calvert, Matt Gagnon, and more. But it all comes down to marketing. That is what I teach.

No matter what you sell or who you sell to, you still have to generate leads, make a sale and get repeat business. That's the one and only bottom line.

"Marlon, I've got no time, I'm broke, and I need to make money tonight to pay my bills tomorrow. Will this work for me?"

No. Get real. It's a learning curve. My learning curve was 10+ years before I was successful. My goal is to shorten that down to one to two years for you.

The best thing you can do is work a full or part-time job while you're learning this stuff. That's what I did. I became a freelancer writer and sold my services. Selling a service is a good way to start a business.

Having said that, most people I know in this business got started when they WERE broke. So don't let that discourage you. Starting a business is a good way to get over broke. But supplement your income.

"Marlon, do you have any magic bullets for me?"

There's a saying in the "guru" business that people don't want the truth. They want magic bullets. You know, a magic pill you can swallow that will get you a result instantly with no effort or investment.

I have no magic pills to sell you.

I don't have a magical product you can sell that will make you rich. What I do have to share is a practical, down-to-earth marketing system that you can save you a ton of blood, sweat and tears, not to mention time.

If you must have a magic bullet, then choose "marketing and management." For it is your knowledge of marketing and management that makes all the difference in the world.

"Marlon, how much money will it take and how much money will I make?"

Those are two fair questions only you can answer.

You can never learn too much about marketing nor be too skilled. People in all fields start from scratch and acquire great wealth. Many never make it at all. It all depends on you.

My advice? One, learn everything you can from everyone you can. Two, never invest money in any business endeavor you can't afford to lose. And remember this, the most important things about the Cash-Like-Clockwork lifestyle are NOT the money.

They are the freedom you get. Control over your life. The challenge and adventure of a business. Having something exciting to wake up to every day. Avoiding rush hour traffic. Controlling your own schedule. Not being controlled by anyone else. Not being under anyone else's thumb. Getting the satisfaction of proving your ideas right.

These are the best reasons to get on the Cash-Like-Clockwork system. It isn't all easy. All fun and games. But it is rewarding, challenging, exciting, satisfying.

"Marlon, am I guaranteed to make any money?"

Since I don't know you, or anything about you, I can only make a moneyback guarantee as described on this page. You should know that while I personally have made Cash Like Clockwork, that is no guarantee you will. I have published average earnings as reported by customers across all my product line.

"Marlon, how long have you been doing this? Do you do this full time?"

You can go to betterwhois.com and type in higherresponse.com. You will see I've had that web site since June of 1997. Here's the whois information:

I have been full time so long I don't even remember when I wasn't. The last "job" I had was before the World Wide Web existed. I was on staff writing sales letters for a company marketing on the "old" Internet via gopher, veronica and all that.

Here's What What You Instantly
Get Access To When You Buy
And How They Will Unlock The
Profits Hidden In Your Web Site...

OK. So I've already unlocked the code to making sales and generating leads on the Internet. I've got it digitally recreated for you.

What I've done is put EVERYTHING in there I thought you might need. You probably won't need everything. I loaded it to the hilt so whatever you need is covered. You'll see what I mean as I walk you through the Cash Like Clockwork System.

Here is what you'll find. I have broken it down into products and modules to make it easy to learn. Remember, you get ALL this:

The Design Dashboard + Turbo Graphic Add-on Pack

THE PROMISE: Step-by-step, "point 'n click" web page design system turns creating web sites, landing pages, affiliate pre-sell pages, mini-sites, sales pages and blog headers into a virtual no-brainer.

THE UNIQUENESS: You will create pages that break through the noise and command results -- guaranteed. You will do that faster, simpler, easier and cheaper than with any other alternative. Period.

THE GUARANTEE: Click the icons. Follow the step-by-step screen caps and videos. You will get web pages, landing pages, pre-sell pages, mini-sites and blog graphics that get RESULTS -- or your money back. Plus, you also get my super bold QUADRUPLE-your-money-back guarantee.

THE CREDIBILITY: Based on my own personal step by step web design formula that launched more than 40 web sites since 1999. Plus, I tested the system on a little ol' grandma with no computer skills and she raved about it!


Ebook Cover Creator

Forget paying $199, $99, $79 or even $49 for your ebook cover graphics!

Just follow this simple 4 step system (complete with full color screen captures that show you exactly what to do!) and take your cover graphic from flat to fantastic!


Magazine Cover Designer

Discover how easy it can be to potentially save hundreds of dollars a year by creating your own custom graphics and product covers.

In the "Magazine Cover Designer" bonus you'll discover how to turn a flat graphic image into stunning 3D graphic magazine or special report covers.

You get access to step-by-step instructions that show you exactly what to do to replicate the same effect on the right.

Testimonial Images

Tired of testimonials displayed in the same old boring "testimonial yellow" boxes?

Make sure your testimonials get seen by creating your own custom backgrounds, like the one you see on the right

Contact Cards

Make sure your contact information can easily be seen by displaying your name, address and email address using a custom contact card like this.

Highlighted Form Effects

Reduce order form abandonment and boost the number of subscribers to your list with this handy form highlighting script.

If you're tired of trying to force your web page into templates that don't fit, or aren't made to sell, if you can't bear the thought of waiting forever for a designer to finish your graphics, if you're fed up with paying hundreds of dollars for graphics every time you launch a site, then here's what my new Web Design Dashboard will do for you:

1. Walks you step-by-step through what to do and how to do it. Every step is clearly laid out and labeled with big, blue numbers and step-by-step screen caps (with support by video as needed).

2. Saves you tons of time. All you do is click and follow the instructions. You don't have to try to figure out what's next. You just click the next icon and follow the steps. The step-by-step screen caps make it much faster and easier to use and follow than programs that are all videos.

3. No expensive software. You can get the software you need for around USD $100 (not included). Yet, this is NOT sub par software. You can absolutely do the best "top drawer" graphics and special effects.

4. Gives you an A to Z system. Everything is covered from the setting up of the software to drawing the header, adding color, text, style, patterns, gradients and photos, to saving the header.

Next comes the web page creation where you setup the page, add the header, add autoresponder, fly in ad, shopping cart (for SALES sites), and so forth. Whatever you want on your sales site, landing page, or affiliate pre-sell page, I show you how to do.

Finally you get down to registering your domain name, getting a good quality web host (for cheap!) and launching your web site, landing page or affiliate pre-sell page.

You won't find anything else like it anywhere. Just about no stone is left unturned.

5. Something for you if you're a beginner or advanced student. My Design Dashboard was created for beginners. But I've included a few steps for advanced students as well. For example, you get EXCLUSIVE patterns that beat the heck out of the defaults in Photoshop or Elements. Those alone are worth the price.

6. Create landing pages, mini-sites, affiliate pre-sell pages with sales power. Nothing wrong with "cookie cutter" pages that look like everyone else's. But if you want the "next level up," you'll be surprised at how fast, simple and easy it is to create your own custom pages once you learn the ropes.

7. Visually demonstrates what to do with screen captures. A picture is often worth a thousand words. So I include plenty of screen captures to demonstrate the different steps, without overwhelming you with needless details or endless screen shots. I've struck a balance to make this simple, practical and useable.

8. Gives you bonus add-ons of custom gradients, patterns and layer styles. These are the add-ons that speed up and simplify the creation of your graphic header. I believe time is the most important commodity you have. So I save you time by providing you with a few choice style packs. (These are the same style packs I use in my own web design!

The Promo Dashboard Turbo Edition

THE PROMISE: In just 12 days, you can feel the POWER! I'll show you step-by-step how I got 199,540 people to opt into my email list and sold a million dollars. Plus, I'll show you how to trade products for dollars instead of your time by gettin' your list together and makin' your sales rock.

This is INSTANT cash delivered straight to your Paypal account and spendable immediately with a handy dandy Paypal debit card (in qualifying countries).

THE UNIQUENESS: You will get people on your email list and make sales -- guaranteed. You will do that faster, simpler, easier and cheaper than with any other alternative. Period. Plus, I've included some special methods for ADVANCED marketers. So it's NOT just for newbies.

THE GUARANTEE: Click the icons. Follow the step-by-step screen caps and videos. Your Squeeze page will convert, your list size will grow and your emails will make sales. e.

THE CREDIBILITY: Based on hundreds of promotions I've created and sent since 1998! Plus, I've spoken at over 120 Internet marketing seminars around the world. I innovated a number of techiques that are standard practice in the industry today.

If you're tired of not knowing what to do or how to do it, if you're fed up with Squeeze pages that get opt-ins at anemic rates, if your emails don't sell, if you don't know how to do audio, video, webinars and Twitter, or you think "it's just not for you", then here's what my new Promo Dashboard will do for you:

1. Walks you step-by-step through what to do and how to do it. Every step is clearly laid out and labeled with big, blue numbers and step-by-step screen caps (with support by video as needed).

The purpose of information is NOT knowledge but ACTION. How many things do you buy but never ACT on? The Promo Dashboard almost forces you to take ACTION.

2. Saves you tons of time. All you do is click and follow the instructions. You don't have to try to figure out what's next. You just click the next icon and follow the steps. The step-by-step screen caps make it much faster and easier to use and follow than programs that are all videos.

3. Create Squeeze pages that snag opt-ins like a Venus Flytrap Snaps Up Flies. This isn't rocket science. But it IS absolutely critical to your success. If you don't have an email list or people simply aren't joining yours, I'll reveal "the truth" about what it takes along with REALL LIFE examples of the truth in action.

4. Gives you an A to Z system. You get the the whole ball of wax, starting with targeting your ideal buyer. This is critical because it sets the stage for merchandising your freebie to get opt-in subscribers.

Next comes step-by-step instructions on how to create reports, screen capture videos, cd's, and courses to COMPEL people to join your email list. I don't just tell you to do this. I show you how to do it step-by-step.

Next comes the web page creation where you set up your Squeeze page, add the header, add autoresponder, fly in ad, and so forth. I refer you to a shortlist of graphic designers who understand Squeeze pages and can create one for you at very reasonable prices. Or, of course, you can create your own using what you learned in Design Dashboard.

Of course, I cover registering your domain name, getting a good quality web host (for cheap!) and how to FTP your files!

Finally, you learn how to send out emails then funnel people through to podcasts, screen capture videos, live video, teleseminars and blogs that get people to BUY! You won't find anything else like it anywhere. Just about no stone is left unturned.

5. Something for you if you're a beginner or advanced student. My Promo Dashboard was created for beginners. But I've included a few steps for advanced students as well. For example, you'll get the copy-and-paste code that puts people's names in the headline of your sales page when you send out emails. Not to mention the trick podcast players and other goodies I've packed in.

6. How to get people to BUY using "the full arsenal." Once you GET people on your email list, you gotta sell 'em. I'll show you step-by-step how to set up your blog, put up a podcast with a "tricked out" player, create screen capture videos, send Twitter messages and more.

7. Visually demonstrates what to do with screen captures. A picture is often worth a thousand words. So I include plenty of screen captures to demonstrate the different steps, without overwhelming you with needless details or endless screen shots. I've struck a balance to make this simple, practical and useable.

8. Shows you how to "pimp out" your PDF's, affiliate tools, video players and Power Points. People get bored if you send out the same ol', same ol' stuff. So I'm gonna empower YOU to have tricked out and hopped up podcasts, videos, PDF's and other tools -- with the end result that people stay on your email list longer, read, listen, participate and BUY.

The Marketing Dashboard

It's called point-and-click marketing. And it's destined to become the latest rage to hit Internet marketing. Why? Because you don't have to wade through dozens, hundreds or thousands of pages of information. Instead, you just click the icons and follow the simple, easy steps.

If you're tired of reading reams of information that is difficult or impossible to apply, or you simply don't have a lot of time to read, then here's what my new Marketing Dashboard will do for you:

1. Walks you step-by-step through setting up your system without requiring you to wade through reams of information that take time to read, decipher, analyze and apply.

2. Simplifies your marketing. All you do is click and follow the instructions. You don't have to try to figure out what's next. You just click the next icon and follow the steps.

3. Takes away the confusion. Every step is clearly laid out and labeled with big, blue numbers. You don't have to try to interpret how XYZ method applies to your individual situation.

4. Gives you an A to Z system. Everything is covered from your marketing vision, to your profit plan, to your break even point, to your merchant account, shopping cart, domain name selection, stats tracking, ftp, backing up your files, speed researching, organizing your tasks and information -- and much more. You won't find anything else like it anywhere. Just about no stone is left unturned.

5. Something for you if you're a beginner or advanced student. My Marketing Dashboard is designed for beginners. But I've included a few steps for advanced students like my icon on getting free publicity by starting your own RSS News Feed.

6. Gives you confidence. The entire Dashboard is based on my experience in online marketing since before the World Wide Web existed. You can check out the Alexa ratings on my web sites as proof I know what I'm doing. Chances are, you've seen or read about my Push Button Letters software or The Amazing Formula.

7. Visually demonstrates what to do with screen captures. A picture is often worth a thousand words. So I include plenty of screen captures to demonstrate the different steps, without overwhelming you with needless details or endless screen shots. I've struck a balance to make this simple, practical and useable.

$3000 BONUS:

Recently I did a 3 hour tele-conference call specifically for my Marketing Dashboard members. It is perhaps the most revolutionary call I've ever done.

The best part about this call is I show you how to take a product for which there is mediocre demand and right before your eyes, live on the call, I show you how to transform it into a product that virtually everyone wants to buy.

Then, I also show you how to find the highest price for which you can sell it.

All I've got to say is, this is a revolutionary technique you've never seen or heard about before and I demonstrate it live.

What's more, I even show you how to put together a product almost overnight that you can make money with. Obviously, it has not sold for $3,000 but I think you'll agree it could be worth that much or more to you!

The Red Factor

It's called the "RF8 Matrix."

And what it gives you is virtual X-Ray vision in your target market. So you can see beyond the confusing mix of products, offers and web sites and find the low-hanging fruit in virtually any market.

Let me explain:

The problem in target markets is there's often so much going on, so many ebooks, courses, cd's, dvd's, and so forth being offered by a variety of vendors, sellers and marketers, that you can't see the forest for the trees.

In other words, you KNOW there's money to be made in there somewhere. You're just not sure WHERE!

If only there were a magical pair of glasses you could put on that would let you see things others couldn't! That would cut through the junk and the noise and ONLY allow true opportunities into your field of vision.

Welcome to Red Factor's Matrix #RF8.

You Get 6 Weeks Of Super Power Online Training With PDF's,
Camtasia Videos And 7 "Funsheets"

When you log into the Red Factor, you'll see 6 tabs. Each tab has one week's training on it. It's designed as a 6-week class, but you can go as fast or slow as you want. There are three parts

Part 1: The PDF report training

I've boiled down the most important ingredients into PDF's that you read. These are the "meat" of the training. They explain how "The Red Factor" gives you the unbeatable advantage.

Part 2: The camtasia videos

You will receive camtasia videos that SHOW you "The Red Factor" in action.

Part 3: The 7 funsheets

Normally, you'd call these "worksheets" but they are actually fun sheets that let you actually DO "The Red Factor." So I explain it, show it to you then help you DO it. These sheets boil everything down into actionable STEPS you take. So this isn't something you learn. It's something you DO.

Here are the advantages The Red Factor gives you:

Advantage #1: Increased Performance and Results in Your Business

You'll be able to sort through the noise, the smoke, the mirrors. Get to the heart of things and put your ENERGY and focus THERE. That increases your performance and your results. That puts more in your bank account at the end of the day.

Advantage #2: Decreased C osts

When you know what to focus on and where the "leverage" is, you can focus on the 5% that controls the 20% that produces 80% of the results.

Advantage #3: Stop Spinning Your Wheels

If you don't have The Red Factor, it's EXTREMELY easy to lose sight of the big picture and get sucked into endless details, so you start spinning your wheels. The good news is you're getting there really fast. The bad news is you don't know where you're going.

Advantage #4: Save Time

When you have The Red Factor, you'll be totally crystal on what to focus on and what NOT to focus on. Yet, The Red Factor is NOT about a plattitude like "strategy and tactics." It's a specific strategy that is also global in nature. That is why I call i the factor behind all factors.

Advantage #5: Get More Results While Working Less

You can probably cut out a lot of activities when you know what to focus on, what your BIG PICTURE is and how what you're doing today fits in.

The Product Dashboard

In life, you either trade time for dollars or you trade products for dollars.

You only have 10 to 12 hours you can work in a day. Therefore, you have a limit on the amount of income you can earn by trading TIME for dollars. It's also tiring.

In contrast, there is no limit you can earn trading products for dollars. You do the work once. You get paid over and over, and over for the years to come.

If you're ready to stop trading time for dollars and start trading products for dollars, I'd like to introduce you to the Info-Product Dashboard, The first A to Z, step-by-step sytem that even if you are a beginner, no expertise, or have no idea of what you are doing.

This is what the Info-Product Dashboard can do for you:

1. Walks you step-by-step through what to do and how to do it. Every step is clearly laid out and labeled with big, red numbers and step-by-step screen caps (with support by video as needed).

2. Saves you tons of time. All you do is click and follow the instructions. You don't have to try to figure out what's next. You just click the next icon and follow the steps. The step-by-step screen caps make it much faster and easier to use and follow than programs that are all videos.

3. No expensive software. I've eliminated every expense I possibly could. So where at all possible, I use FREE software to do the trick. This saves you a small fortune in fees just by itself.

4. Gives you an A to Z system. Everything is covered from beginning to end. You won't be left guessing what to do or how to do it. Everything is laid out in big, red numbers. You just follow the steps.

I've taken every obstacle people have in creating info products and eliminated them one by one. From finding your target market to creating a product if you aren't an expert at ANYTHING, it's all covered.

If you can point, click, and follow paint-by-number instructions, you can create your own info product, so you can start trading products for dollars instead of your time.

5. Something for you if you're a beginner or advanced student. My Info-Product Dashboard was created for beginners. But I've included a few steps for advanced students as well. For example, I'll show you how to set up a One Time Offers using Amember. Even "insiders" on the Amember forum haven't figured this one out!

6. You get instantly useable templates: I hired professional designers to create wonderful graphics you can use for your download page, PDF's and reports. I give you email templates you can just copy and paste. I dig into my own secret "in-house" training and pull out the stops for you, so you don't have to create from scratch unless you want to.

7. Visually demonstrates what to do with screen captures. A picture is often worth a thousand words. So I include plenty of screen captures to demonstrate the different steps, without overwhelming you with needless details or endless screen shots. I've struck a balance to make this simple, practical and useable.


An email template that gets 30% response to interview requests.

Just fill in the blanks, and send it out. You will get a response 3 out of 10 times. That's like giving away 3 product ideas off the bat!

This is a short bonus. It's just a simple email and a LIST to send it to. But boy! Does it ever pull you interviews like crazy.

Product Dashboard 6 Week Coaching Program Audios

I conducted a special 6 week coaching program on Product Dashboard. You'll get full recordings.

1. Because working at a job ages you.

2. Bosses suck

3. Commutes suck!

4. Is your own personal time really the BEST thing you can think of to trade for dollars? Doesn’t it make more sense to trade products for dollars?

5. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to ask me personally your questions?

6. You get mp3 recordings off the conference calls so you get to play them back at your own pace.

Marlon's Book Of Secrets

The Odd Secret of Becoming A Veritable Instant Marketing Genius

You're going to discover the secret of becoming a veritable instant marketing genius, astounding your friends, blowing up your profits, and becoming an in demand "go to" person for people of power, wealth and influence -- not to mention dumping your job or starting a successful business.

What if there were honest-to-goodness secrets you could use right now to get up to 10x the results, 10x the response, 10x the sales -- and what if somewhere between 10 and 21 days from now you could begin seeing real, true results from these secrets?

Module 1 - Marlon's Book of Marketing Secrets PDF

Instead of taking 20 years of your life and reading 3,000+ books to discover marketing secrets you can borrow and apply to your industry, product, service, idea, group or organization -- why not just borrow the best I've researched and uncovered over the past 20+ years? Swipe, apply and deploy! People will think you're a marketing genius! Your friends will admire your marketing acumen and knowledge. Gain respect and admiration of those in influence due to your newfound marketing insights.

Module 2 - Swipeable Marketing Secrets Video

If you like to listen and watch more than read, I put each secret on a Power Point slide and talked through it on video. This is great because it gives you extra information not in the book.

Module 3 - Instant Marketing Genius Transcript

You also get a full transcript I call "The Instant Marketing Genius." That's because you can take this with you to Starbucks or curl up with it on the sofa. By the time you're finished reading it, your brain will be infused.with the greatest marketing ideas I've discovered in a lifetime. You can swipe, borrow and use them any way you want. You'll treasure this transcript as you go back to it time and time again.

What Would It Be Worth To You If You Could Borrow, Apply and Deploy the Cream of The Crop Secrets I've Learned From Some of the Brightest and Best Marketers On The Planet?

1 in 102

1 in 102

Imagine having 1 out of every 102 (English speaking) Internet users in the world visiting YOUR web sites. (That's 2,826,874 million unique visitors in total.)

That's exactly what I've done. And what I'm going to do right now is PROVE it to you with actual screen captures from Web Trends Live, which is one of the leading statistic tracking programs on the net.

But not only will I prove it to you, I'm also going to show and tell you exactly, specifically how I got 1 out of every 102 English speaking 'Net users in the world to visit my web sites.

What's more, you'll getin-depth information on finding a target market, using leverage to generate leads, converting suspects into prospects, creating your own lead generators -- and much, much more!

- How To Use Leverage To Generate Leads.

- How To Make Your Customers Go "Wow".

- How To Keep Your Customers Delighted.

- Secrets Of Lead Generation Income Streams.

- How And Why To Watch Your Competitors.

- How To Deliver Your Freebie Offer To Your Prospects!

- What To Offer Your Leads And When.

- ...And The List Goes On!

Now, here are just some of the things you'll discover in this 54 page in-depth step-by-step report:

How to see through the smoke screens of hits, page views and unique visitors.

How to understand what’s going on when people quote traffic stats, sometimes deceptively.

As amazing as it sounds, 1 out of every 102 English speaking Internet users in the world have been to my web sites. I’ll show and tell you how I made that happen. (That's over 2.8 million unique visitors in total!)

Why the traffic numbers I’m quoting are actually low and the one thing you must do to have accurate traffic and stats reporting over time, otherwise, in retrospect, you’re basically screwed.

The traffic tracking program we use and why we use it.

Why all stats programs are definitely not created equal.

The total number of actual Internet users in the world and why it’s less than you probably think.

The big picture of Internet marketing, including Internet users by country, language and number of domains registered daily.

Our top 5 ways for aggresively finding new affiliates for your program and getting people to endorse your offer.

An honest accounting of several mistakes we’ve made along the way. (How you can avoid these problems like the plague!)

The astonishing result that happened when we switched affiliate software programs. It was definitely not what we expected!

Go behind the scenes with us as we reveal everything through a series of charts and graphs that track our traffic trends over time, then PROVE we got 1 in 102 English speaking Internet users in the WORLD to visit our web sites.

Never before in print: The simple trick we used to funnel traffic from multiple sites into one domain to boost an Alexa ranking.

The hidden truth behind our affiliate contests. What we do and why...

When we conduct an affiliate contest, how many actually participate?

How to level the affiliate program contest "playing field" so EVERYONE has an equal chance of winning your contest prizes.

What motivate affiliates the most? Is it cash, or prizes? 1 tier or 2 tier payouts? Find out.

The various ways we’ve obtained traffic other than through our affiliate program and how YOU can do the same.

Impressed by massive traffic numbers? There are certain things you should know about how that traffic is obtained.

What are you willing to do to get traffic? Before you get too impressed with people who quote huge traffic numbers like 1 million "visits" a month you need to keep in mind that not all traffic sources are “equal”.

The 2 basic categories of traffic: Quality traffic versus junk traffic. How to know what’s what.

How and why we did all of this without sending mass unsolicited emails or low-end business opportunities.

How to quickly and easily generate a million "hits" to your web site. (Of course that and 3 or 4 bucks will get you a latte at Starbucks, but your friends will be impressed and it does sound good in your advertising.)

How to double your “hits” in 5 minutes. (Before you get too excited make sure you read page #1 first...)

What most people don’t understand about the difference between a hit, page view, visit, visitor, and unique visits.

Why unique visits actually aren’t even unique.

Why you often can’t compare the traffic results from one stats program to another.

Why most marketers with products on search engine positioning get their traffic from sources OTHER than the search engines!

Our 10 step system for boosting your web site traffic.

The real anniversary of the Amazing Formula and when I sold my first ebook on the Internet.

The hidden truth about the launch of the Amazing Formula.

Why conversion rates don’t mean anything.

How we sold a $500 digital download product -- even though other marketers said it couldn't be done.

How we can visually see, real time, who’s sending us traffic, how much traffic they’re sending and the true QUALITY of the traffic -- LIVE -- as the traffic comes through our sites.

How to discover the quality of YOUR web traffic. Is it junk traffic or are they quality unique visitors?

The real reason we went from digital to physically delivered products. (Most people don’t understand or know about this)

The time bomb hidden in most merchant accounts -- just waiting to explode. (This'll cause you enormous grief if you don't know about it or take steps to prevent it from happening to you.)

Hits, page views and unique visitors... Who’s counting what -- and why!

The brewing tempest over affiliate program cookies and the auto refreshing cookie system we’ve created for our affiliates. I’ll tell you what it is and how it works and what you can do to greatly avoid cookie problems.

How to do a reality check on someone’s traffic if their quoted “visitors” seems too good to be true.

Why 50 or 100 million web site visitors won’t do much good if you’re selling a targeted product.

Affiliate Dashboard

1. Walks you step-by-step through what to do and how to do it. Every step is clearly laid out and labeled with big numbers and step-by-step screen captures (with support by video as needed).

2. Saves you tons of time. All you do is click and follow the instructions. You don't have to try to figure out what's next. You just click the next icon and follow the steps. The step-by-step screen caps make it much faster and easier to use and follow than programs that are all videos.

3. Inexpensive software recommendations. I show the range of software programs you can use. From the low cost all-in-1 $30 a month plan to 1-time fee software programs that are $200-$500.

4. Let's you can and clone my affiliate program. Everything is covered. From "A to Z", starting with setting up the program, coming up with your commission plan, setting up the sign up page and so forth.

Next comes the integration of what I like to call your "Quick Start Guide." This is where you get the links set up, create emails for your affiliates to promote, come up with the landing pages and other affiliate tools.

Following that, you'll be well underway to set up up banner ads, brandable PDF's, 404 error pages and other viral marketing tools for your virtual army of affiliates to send to their lists, upload to their web sites and promote to their visitors.

By this point your traffic counter should be spinnin' up a storm, but you're only just revvin' up your engines because right around the bend you'll discover 6 ways to recruit new affiliates by promoting to affiliate program directories, creating back links and seeding big names anytime you want to generate an influx of new signups.

As you watch your new affiliates and super affiliates streaming in, you'll also discover how to boost the performance of existing affiliates with easy to create monthly reseller contests.

Last but not least, you'll continue to boost the performance of existing affiliates and generate new interest with monthly or weekly updates, creating video blogs and informative podcasts.

Whether you want to use 6 or 36 of the steps to generating traffic, I show you how to do.

You won't find anything else like it anywhere. Just about no stone is left unturned.

5. Something for you if you're a beginner or advanced student. My Affiliate Dashboard was created for beginners. But I've included a steps for advanced students (existing affiliate program owners) as well.

For example, you get in-depth information on doing your own affiliate contests, creating innovative tools quickly and easily, coming up with weekly or monthly podcasts and other video advanced affiliate program strategies.

6. Drive streams of new affiliates to your sign up page. Nothing wrong with some of the existing traffic generation methods out there. Heck, some of 'em are pretty darn effective, but the problem is, once that strategy dies, you're left with traffic stats that look like they took a virtual nose dive.

What my system does is show you how to continue to move on to the "next level up," and you'll be surprised at how fast, simple and easy it is to create an ongoing stream of visitors to your own affiliate program at will!

7. Visually demonstrates what to do with screen captures. A picture is often worth a thousand words. So I include plenty of screen captures to demonstrate the different steps, without overwhelming you with needless details or endless screen shots. I've struck a balance to make this simple, practical and useable.

8. Gives you the SAME exact steps I follow month in and month out in my own program. I believe time is the most important commodity you have. So I save you time by providing you with the best strategies I could find. (These are the same strategies I use in my own marketing!)


The Affiliate Recruiter System

Boost your results to the maximum with the "Affiliate Recruiter System."

The "Affiliate Recruiter" is a proven, tested, results driven system you can use to contact your potential affiliates or super affiliates.

If you've ever received a generic, non personalized email asking you to join an affiliate program or promote someone's latest product then you already know it's vital to send the most professional, to the point, benefit driven email to your contacts.

But if you don't know how to write or where to find the super affiliates, what then?

That's where the "Affiliate Recruiter System" comes into the picture! With the system ready to use at your fingertips you'll never be stuck wondering how to build your super affiliate base again.

What you get are step-by-step instructions you cam use to send your "Join My Affiliate Program" email. All you need to do is follow the steps to get your potential affiliate base ready to start making sales for you.

That's it. Just point 'n click. Then hit send.

Nothing can be simpler. Guaranteed.


Plug 'n Go Affiliate Update System

Whether you've got a new product to promote or want to keep in touch with your affiliates, sending an update to your affiliates can be as easy as filling in the blanks!

The bonus "Plug 'n Go Affiliate Update Template" is 100% customizable to include your own graphic header and/or company logo.

Use the "Plug 'n Go Affiliate Update Template" to:

* Announce new products
* Hold special contests
* Send a weekly “what’s new” update
* Alert affiliates when new promo tools are ready
* And much more…


Customizable Affiliate Toolkit System

Just fill in the blanks, add your tools and click save to create your very own affiliate toolbox.

The toolbox is customizable to include as many articles, banner ads, web page graphics, or any other tools of your choice!


Plug 'n Go Affiliate Promo System

If you want to energize and motivate your affiliates you’ve got to continue to deliver fresh content they can use to promote your products.

The easiest and most popular way to do this is to deliver fresh articles using the “Plug 'n Go Affiliate Promo Template”.

Just fill in the blanks, click save and in minutes you’ll have a brand new affiliate promo you can zap out to the hundreds or thousands of affiliates waiting to promote your product to their lists!

The Amazing Formula

Here are 15 Facts About The Amazing Formula!

I realize there are many very good marketers who teach marketing. Many are my personal friends.

But let me share the things that set Amazing Formula apart in my mind.

1. The Amazing Formula works for BOTH products and services.

Anyone who needs to target an audience, generate leads and interest, make sales and get repeat business will benefit.

2. The Amazing Formula can be started on a shoestring.

In the traffic chapter, you will discover methods that take very little or no cash to start. A lot of people teach methods that do work. But they take a lot of money for advertising and marketing. Where does that get you if you can't afford the methods? I'm going to tap you into my best resources to save you all the money possible.

3. The Amazing Formula is NOT just about how to sell ebooks. It IS how to sell ANY product or service.

So many things written on Internet marketing are ONLY to sell ebooks.

That's an awfully small part of the world! Internet marketing is million times bigger than that. I want to open your eyes to all the possibilities.

I don't care if you sell igloos to Eskimos, you can use the Amazing Formula to do it better. Realize that if the only thing someone has sold in their life is ebooks, they have a limited understanding about marketing. I wrote for clients and have sold a variety of things.

4. The Amazing Formula will END YOUR CONFUSION over what does and doesn't work.

I know a lot of beginners get frustrated with seemingly conflicting advice. But when you understand this Formula, you will see how it all fits together. Why? Because it's all about targeting your market, finding out what they want to buy and then promoting your products and services. So many products on marketing leave you all confused about what does and doesn't work. And literally overwhelmed with a thousand things to do.

5. The Amazing Formula is not complicated.

You don't have to be a marketing guru to do it. If you can target a group of people with common wants and needs, find out what they want to buy and allow them to buy it from you using our KSL or KSP method, you can make the formula work.

6. The Amazing Formula works for non-marketers.

In several of the chapters, I give you a fishing analogy and explain how you can succeed by dumb luck if you just keep trying. Pay attention to this. While you want to become an expert on marketing, you don't have to be an expert to start using the formula.

7. The Amazing Formula is the ONLY technology based on my unique combination of sales, customer service, marketing, copywriting and psychology.

You will find psychological insights into the human brain and how people think if you read the product THREE TIMES as I have instructed you. These insights are not obvious to the casual reader.

You will discover that the Amazing Formula contains a unique blend of technology and insight not available anywhere else.

8. The Amazing Formula is practical and not theoretical.

So many people who teach marketing have never had a sales job in their life. Ask them! They have never been paid a dime to write promotions professionally. Ask them!

I have. I've been in the sales trenches. Been paid thousands to write one sales letter. I didn't just write an ebook one day and pronounce myself an expert on marketing. I didn't just all of a sudden show up and start speaking at seminars. I've spent a lifetime studying and perfecting this Formula.

I'm an adult and not a kid. The Amazing Formula is credible information based on my real-world experience.

9. The Amazing Formula teaches the KSP, which is the ONLY THREE methods of selling people.

Almost no one teaching marketing or sales or advertising today realizes there are only 3 ways to sell people. Just 3 ways. It's crazy but true.

You will not be bamboozled by all the latest magic selling methods when you realize there are only 3 possibilities.

10. The Amazing Formula actually teaches marketing.

Can you define the word marketing? Are you certain that's the real definition?

Don't feel bad if you aren't sure or you can't define it.

From what I've seen of many marketing "gurus" they don't know what the word means either! Be that as it may, YOU, my friend, WILL understand what marketing is and how it differs from sales.

And why many ebooks, books, and courses that claim to teach marketing are actually teaching sales. Mostly because it's more fashionable to teach marketing than sales.

But you WILL know the difference. And the next time someone claims to teach you marketing but is really peddling sales information and methods, you WILL know the difference.

I'm confident this will be the single most profitable information you have ever read on web site marketing -- I predict. That is not to put down other Internet marketing products. But rather to convey what a treat you have in store.

11. The Amazing Formula works on all prices of products and services

A lot of people who sell training on marketing or how to sell online seem to have a barrier at $50 or $100. They don't know how to sell products for more than that. I do. I have written sales letters for products many times greater than those price points.

12. The Amazing Formula associate program does NOT work off Clickbank. We pay back-end commissions on 13+ and growing number of products. Plus we auto-replenish our tracking and set 10 year cookies.

What's more, we give some of the most rockin' prizes to our resellers. You'll get special chances to earn extra bonuses all the time and we pay DAILY AFFILIATE COMMISSIONS!

13. We do not cheat our resellers out of commissions.

Here's the game: Most programs let people sign up for free as a reseller and then pay a commission on their own purchase, screwing you out of your commission.

It's a game. With most programs, anyone can sign up as a reseller of the product for free. Then they buy the product under their own reseller ID. If you are the person who referred the customer, how much commission did you make? Probably zilch. We think that cheats resellers out of commissions because even newbies know to sign up for free and buy under their own reseller link.

In our program we don't pay a commission on your own order so when you refer someone to the program and they buy, you get the credit!

14. We do not promise you will get rich or other nonsense

We don't promise or imply you'll get rich. That's crap. To be honest, legal and ethical, we state that we don't know you, your background, intelligence or anything else. As a result, we don't guarantee or represent you'll make a dime.

15. Don't be overly impressed by screen captures of massive amounts of money and gigantic checks

I provide screen captures in a few of my sales letters. It does help some people to believe it's possible to make money online. But you know what? Most of the ones I see in ads aren't worth the pixels they're printed on. Why? One, you better check online to see if the person had legal entanglements. Did they make the money morally and ethically?

Two, the people I know making gigantic (and I mean gigantic) checks online are spamming. Ok. So you can clean up if you spam millions of people every week. Bet you don't tell people in your ebook that's how you're making your money.

Gimme My Money Now System

I’ve got a simple 10 step system for creating products fast and rolling them out successfully via simple 1 or 2 page web sites that practically anyone can create in just a few hours.

I call the system “Gimme My Money Now”, because that’s what it’s designed to do.

To see whether or not what I'll reveal will apply to you, ask yourself these 15 questions:

Question #1: Do you have 100% control over your web site? Or are you promoting affiliate pages you can't make changes to?

Question #2: Do you spend time wondering what it would be like to have your own successful online business?

Question #3: Have you ever spent more than 2 hours to put up a web site?

Question #4: Are you going to write an ebook? Or are you partway through one?

Question #5: Have you ever paid someone to create a web page for you?

Question #6: Have you ever tried to create a product of your own but gave up due to sheer frustration or lack of info on what to do next?

Question #7: Do you have a bunch of "half done" products on your desktop?

Question #8: Do you think it's too hard to create your own info-product?

Question #9: Do you have any idea what a "mailing list" really is?

Question #10: Are you using your autoresponder to make sales to your existing list on a 24/7 basis?

Question #11: Do you have a profitable sales letter on your site?

Question #12: Do you have a web page that isn't converting as well as you'd like?

Question #13: Do you think it's too hard to get your own affiliate program?

Question #14: Have you ever had a problem getting your payment processing set up to take orders online?

Question #15: Do you want to sell products online but haven't gotten around to doing anything about it?

Here are 4 reasons the Gimme My Money Now System will work for you:

Reason #1: New "Plug-N-Go" templates make it simpler and easier than ever before to get your website up and running.

You get easy to use "Plug-N-Go" templates that you can use to simplify each step of the system. This makes it faster, simpler and easier than ever before to use the "Gimme My Money Now!" system.

Reason #2: "Gimme My Money Now!" cuts out all the crap and just focuses on what you really need to do.

Instead of building complex content sites that take forever to create and probably never get you much traffic, the Gimme My Money Now system bypasses all that and gives you a fast, simple and easy way to build your site and get traffic.

Reason #3: "Gimme My Money Now!" is not a teaser for another product.

All the steps you need for the system are included. Of course, you never be too skilled or know too much about marketing. But the system is complete as is.

Reason #4: "Gimme My Money Now!" shows you how to find out what people want to buy before you sell it to them. The #1 mistake people make is trying to sell a product that no-one wants to buy.

They try to sell a product to someone who doesn't want or need it at all. This leave you high and dry, up a tree without a ladder, so to speak.

"Gimme My Money Now!" turns the tables on that and gives you a system to use BEFORE you start out, before you create your letter and web page. I can't overstate the importance of that.

Push Button Letters 2.0

Push Button Letters

Just fill in the blanks.

Click the button.

Out pops your sales letter for your product or service.

And now, new version 2.0 is even better because it allows you to totally customize your web page in ways never before possible. You get your choice of 41 background images, 15 order buttons, 7 satisfaction guaranteed images, 10 professionally designed action images, 224 background and font colors, 14 font styles, 12 font sizes, 6 testimonial designs and 8 different layouts for your features and benefits.

For the last four years I’ve been the biggest advocate of a web site selling system that is proven to work over and over and over again.

The system is very simple. It does not require overly fancy graphic design. It does not require constantly updated content pages. Best of all, thousands of people have now proven it works.

The system is simple.

Step One: Write a sales letter and put it on a web page
Step Two: Add an order link and simple graphic design.
Step Three: Get Visitors.

In the past I attempted to teach people how to write their own sales letters using my simple, step by step formula. However, what I found was in the end analysis, few people actully followed the formula correctly. So on February 13th/2001 I created and launched a software program that is literally "fill-in-the-blanks". Just fill in the blanks, click a button and out pops your sales letter.

Our latest version 2.0 takes care of steps 1 and 2 in the 3 step selling system. The only thing left is getting traffic and my other products teach you how to do that.

Q: Marlon there are several people that have copied your Push Button Letters Software idea. What's different about the new system?

Not only does it write your sales letter by filling in the blanks, it also now creates your complete web design and gives you access to custom high quality graphics.

Most of my competirors have products that create short form sales letters. Yet the whole history of direct response over the last 100 years have proven time and time again that long form sales letters are what sells.

Q: Marlon, do people really read long sales letters?

It's a huge misconception that people don't read long sales letters. The ironic thing is, direct response marketers were answering this very same question 50 years ago. And the answer is that billions of direct mail pieces mailed have proven that people buy, in general, at a higher rate from long, benefit-laden sales letters. While you may not personally read long sales letters (although you are reading this one) people who are honestly, genuinely interested in your product, idea, concept, or service will not only read long letters but also buy from them.

Many years ago a very famous advertising man names John Caples said "A letter can never be too long, it can only be too boring".

What Push button Letters does is forces you to load down your sales letter with benefits. And this is what makes the copy and the letter interesting to your prospects. That's why they'll read it.

Q: Marlon can I write a sales letter to promote any product, idea, service, or concept?

The answer is am emphatic "yes!" Why? Because to sell anything. I don't care if it's an idea, product, service, or anything else. To sell anything, people have to see the benefits. The only reason anyone buys anything is because of the benefits.

Push Button Letters forces you to spell out the features and benefits of your product, plus it has built into it, proven direct response principles plus an offer, guarantee, bonuses and so forth.

We've built these in because regardless of what you are promoting, you have to give people a reason to act today. We do that with what is called 'bonuses'. Bonuses are extra things you get if you act today. A bonus can be anything that is valued by the potential prospect. Anything. But the key is to get it, they have to act today. That's called urgency. So I've built that into Push Button Letters.

Q: Marlon, do I need to know anything about web design, Javascript or graphic design to use Push Button Letters?

Absolutely not! All of this is integrated directly into the software program so all you need to do is fill in the blanks, click a button and out pops your sales letter complete with it's own custom web design.

Ad Copy Secrets

Well, if it didn't happen to me, I wouldn't have believed it.

I sucked at grammar in school. I think I got a B or a C in it. I REALLY struggled in college advanced grammar.

Still don't know some of that stuff they were yacking about.

But one day I figured out this formula for writing sales letters. It took me TEN years or so to uncrack the code. I don't know. Some how one day it just all made sense and came together.

I started getting paid to write sales letters.

Then my mentor and I ran into each other. He was trained by one of the greatest old time copywriters. Lew, then, personally trained me in writing. I already had the formula.

But he put spit and polish on it.

Since then, I've refined it more and more till it's a brightly shining diamond.

Man, there is NO thrill greater than sending out 1,000 or 2,000 letters and having $120,000 come back. Or having a client cut you a check for $12,000 for writing ONE letter.

Or writing your own letter and having the thing just make money hand over fist. You know, just go bonkers.

First time that happened to me, my eyes really bugged.

I realized I'd never have to write copy for anyone other than myself again. Not that there's anything wrong with writing for clients. I loved it and you may want to do it.

I started out at something like $200 a page and worked my way up to $750. Not bad money for something you can do at Starbucks in your blue jeans. Or anywhere else you want to write.

My 12-step formula (and variations of it) are copied all over the Internet nowadays.

I think my postman has an ebook on MY 12-step system for writing copy. It's really no big deal though. In that I'm glad the a lot of people have been helped.

And, of course, I can't take credit for all the courses out there. There are a lot of bright people in the world.

My income changed hugely and dramatically the day I figured out how to create simple letters that talk to people and tell how a product will make their life better.

Before that, things sucked.

You get the fully loaded course delivered to you on CD-ROM, made for those who want to take no prisoners and conquer this system once and for all.

In the Master KSL Boot Camp, you get the instructional course and video, plus you get a number of additional components.

These are all mailed to you on a CD. This is NOT a digital download.


You get a complete digital audio of my signature 90-minute speech on how to create sales letters that get people to buy.


You get an additional course on my formula. It gives you a slightly different angle. It's my turnkey blueprint for creating your own killer sales letter, ad copy, web sites, email letters and more.


You get a amazing word-for-word transcript of my speech at a $3,000 one-day conference on Internet marketing. It's normally only available to my Inner Circle members. This is information I don't share anywhere else in any of my other materials. It's "must-have" information.

Just a few insights here could make your sales letters "explode." In this transcript better than anyplace else, I demonstrate how to use benefit-chains to make your benefits come alive like you won't believe!


You get a no-holds-barred video from one of my seminars. You've never heard anyone teach ad copy like this before! Not a boring second. Plus, I cover many details not in the manual. Essential learning.

Create Your Own Products

It's crazy.

I stumbled across a very simple system that my friends and I have used to create high-profit products in as little as two to ten hours.

If you're interested in selling your own products by the hundreds or even thousands, listen up:

You wanna know the real secret that has allowed myself and some of my friends to make a killing online?

It's simple: Create your own digitally delivered product and then get mass distribution through an affiliate program, publicity campaign, search engines or reciprocal linking.

I'm NOT talking about ebooks nor audio tapes or video, although those can be good.

This is something completely different that very few folks are doing right now. Everyone else is trying to get you to create ebooks.

The key is to sell a digitally delivered product. That way, you can sell your product around the world and you don't have to ship it. I sell products in Australia, England, Canada and many other countries.

I've got the whole system boiled down to 3 steps for you.

Here is my simple 3-step system

Step one: You're going to learn how to find out exactly what your customers or prospects want to buy. This is NOT about listening in on forums or surfin' the Net to see what's selling good at Yahoo!

This is a specific strategy I've perfected in over 10 years of experimentation.

Step two: You're going to find out how to put together an excellent product in a flash, even if you aren't an expert at anything and aren't a "good talker." Again, this is not about ebooks, tapes or such. It's similar but different.

Step three: You're going to find out my own personal strategy for testing products that has not only made me a lot of money but has also saved me a lot of heartache.


  Digital Products Original Price
1 Promo Dashboard Turbo $79.95
2 Affiliate Dashboard Turbo $79.95
3 Affiliate Dashboard 6 Week Coaching Program $297.91
4 Web Design Dashboard Turbo $79.95
5 Red Factor $167.00
6 Marketing Dashboard $59.95
7 Info-Product Dashboard $79.95
8 Info-Product Dashboard 6 Week Coaching Program Audios $297.91
9 Book of Secrets $47.00
10 How I Got 1 In Every 102 English Speaking Internet Users In The WORLD To Visit My Web Sites! $39.95
11 Push Button Target Market $55.00
12 Push Button Survey (12 months Access) $100.00
  CD-ROM/DVD-ROM Products Original Price
13 Amazing Ad Copy Secrets $100
14 Push Button Letters 2.0 $57.00
15 Amazing Formula $67.00
16 Matt's Marketing Diary $57.00
17 Secrets Of Speed Publicity $79.00
18 Internet Profitmaker Seminar $99.00
19 Gimme My Money $97.00
20 Many Products Not Listed Here $97.00

Total of EVERYTHING If Purchased Separately: $2,730.33

The Cash Like Clock Work System is priced at: $1994.00

Grab The Cash Like Clock Work System For 50% Off
The Price If Everything Bought Separately:

You Only Pay: $997

How Much Is The Cash Like
Clockwork System Worth To You?

How much is it worth to you to have a web site that churns out sales, cash and profits like clockwork? That generates leads for you all the time, day in and day out, week in and week out.

Now, I make 10-15 sales per day on average. Let's say you could do that. What would that be worth to you this month? Let's say you only did half that. What would that be worth to you? And let's say you did only half that? Would it still be worth the effort?

Keep in mind we're talking only about the upfront sales and leads. Remember that every customer has a referral and repeat business value. Every customer has the potential (especially with our systems) to refer other customers to you. And every customer has the potential to purchase other products and services from you.

What's the repeat and referral business of say ten new customers worth to you over a period of a year? Quite a bit I bet. And I'm just talking about ten customers for only one year.

Well, the good news is, you can keep every dime of the money you make. I don't ask any of that from you.

Let's just look at one scenario. I don't know your business. But for the sake of illustration, let's say you have a $97.00 product. That's something most businesses have. A product or service they get $97.00 for. Obviously, many businesses have products much more expensive than that.

If you make 15 sales a week, that's $1,455.00. In a month, that's $5,820.00. Do you think you could make 15 sales a week of a $97.00 product?

That's for you decide. But if you did, that would be 780 products times $97.00 or $75,660.

But what if you had not just a $97.00. But to a portion of those people, you sold another and another product -- possibly at even higher prices.

Do you think that might all add up to be a lot of money?

How much would you pay someone who could show you absolutely, positively how to make that much money THIS YEAR? Would you pay them half? Would you pay them half if they could show you hands-on, real world how to make that much money?

How about 25%? Would you pay that?

How about 10%?

Well, I can't absolutely, positively guarantee you'll make money. Only the Good Lord can do that. I don't know you, your products nor your business. I CAN and do show you what works for me, what has sold over 7,000 products for me. What generates 100 leads a week for me.

On the flip side, my fee is a fraction of what you'd likely be willing to pay for this potent system. My fee is not $7,500, although it could be worth more than that. I thought about charging $5,000. But I wanted to find something that was so ridiculously low compared to the value that anyone could see they just had to go for it.

Had to grab it.

The Cash Like Clockwork System
Is Guaranteed For a Full 90 Days!

Preview the Cash-Like-Clockwork system for a full 60 days. Take it. Try it. Use it. Abuse it. Put it to your most stringent acid test. If you aren't fully satisfied just send the system back to us within 60 days, and we'll send your money back to you. Fair enough?

How to Get Your System -- NOW!

Just click the order link below, fill in your information, and you'll have instant access to everything I have described in detail.


Only $997.00 USD

Do I have to do this now?
Can't I do this anytime?

If you wait, you take several risks. One, we reserve the right to raise the price anytime. There's a part of me that feels the price I'm charging is way too cheap. I could raise the price soon.

Two, you need this information now, today. How soon do you want to be generating leads and making sales? The longer you delay, the longer it's going to be.

Julius Caesar once said:

There is a tide in the affairs of men Which, taken at the flood, leads on to fortune; Omitted, all the voyage of their life Is bound in shallows and in miseries.

What about you?

Is this your tide? Is this your chance in life to take the flood at the crest?

I don't know. Only God has that answer. But what I do know is that YOU will never know untill you try out the Cash-Like-Clockwork system.

One of the greatest sales people who ever lived, Ben Feldman, once said, "Most people don't do anything wrong. They don't do anything. And THAT'S what's wrong."

You know, a number of years ago, when I was down on my luck and struggling to make a living, I invested 5+ times the amount I'm asking from you for marketing training.

My life has never been the same.

I hope I can do the same for you. Be that catalyst. That stimulus. That thing that gets you to the next level.

That's what drives me. That's what makes me do what I do.

I wish you Godspeed and great success,

Marlon Sanders

P.S. Click the link below to get all digital access. Remember, there are no guarantees of income of any sort. The results you get are up to you. Here are the average results customers have experienced with my products as a whole.


Only $997.00 USD


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